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John Embry – The Charade Is About To End And The Implications For The Public Are Horrifying

As the world digests the propaganda released from the Federal Reserve about their preposterous plan to reduce their balance sheet, today John Embry told King World News that the charade is about to end and the implications for the public are horrifying. 


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A Primer on the Mexican 'Libertad' Silver Ounce as a Vehicle for Savings of the Common Folk

Hugo Salinas Price

Who created the Mexican silver peso known as the "0.720 Peso"? President of Mexico Venustiano Carranza.

When did minting of this coin begin? In 1920.

Why was it known as the "0.720 Peso"? Because its silver content was 72% of its weight.

What was the silver content of the "0.720 Peso"? The pure silver content of the "0.720 Peso" was 12 grams.

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Kirkland Lake Gold Limited: Sell 


The recent breakout in the precious metals sector with gold leading the way has to some extent re-focused the attention of the investors onto the producers. Kirkland Lake Gold Limited (KL) is one such company which has been under the spot light lately and for good reason as it is a good quality stock.

Any acquisition such as this should remain under constant surveillance as a company’s circumstances can change in a blink of an eye. This is not so much the case with Kirkland Lake Gold but its recent rise is close to meteoric and deserves our attention, so we will take a quick look.

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Man Who Advises Top Sovereign Wealth Funds In The World Issues Major Warning And Says Fortunes Will Be Made In Silver

Today King World News spoke with Michael Belkin, the man who advises the most prominent sovereign wealth funds, hedge funds, and institutional funds in the world.  Belkin issued a major warning and also said fortunes will be made in silver.

Eric King:  “Michael, you advise the biggest money on the planet — from institutions to hedge funds to sovereign wealth funds, etc — in London, Tokyo, New York and elsewhere.  What are you telling your clients when you meet with them?  What are they asking you and what are you telling them to do?” 

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Ron Paul Warns "50% Stock Market Plunge Conceivable... And It Won't Be Trump's Fault"

The former Republican Congressman from Texas believes escalating dysfunction in Washington will create even more pain for Wall Street.

Ron Paul's sell-off prediction just got more severe.

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Greyerz Issues Warning About War, Market Turmoil, Shocks And Exchange Controls


War, Market Turmoil, Shocks & Exchange Controls

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James Turk – This Will Trigger The Price Of Silver To Skyrocket

With the gold and silver markets consolidating recent gains, today James Turk spoke with King World News about what is going to trigger the price of silver to skyrocket.

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John Embry – Silver Set To Soar As World Markets Approach Day Of Reckoning

Today John Embry told King World News that the price of silver is about to soar as world markets approach a day of reckoning.

Silver Set To Soar
John Embry:  Eric, I think we are finally getting closer to a major turn in the price trend for silver. 

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John Mauldin: "One Of These 3 Black Swans Will Trigger A Global Recession"

Authored by John Mauldin via,

Exactly 10 years ago, we were months way from a world-shaking financial crisis.

By late 2006, we had an inverted yield curve steep to be a high-probability indicator of recession. I estimated at that time that the losses would be $400 billion at a minimum. Yet, most of my readers and fellow analysts told me I was way too bearish.

Turned out the losses topped well over $2 trillion and triggered the financial crisis and Great Recession.

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Gold Prices Supported By the Dead Cat Dollar 


The US Dollar is struggling and should it fall through the ‘92’ level on the US Dollar Index, a rout could ensue which would further boost gold prices.

The precious metals sector has done well to evade a fall through support at the $1200.00/oz mark and is starting to put in some reasonable gains.

This sector of the market doesn’t usually sparkle during the summer months which make it a good time to acquire some good quality mining stocks, so use this time well.


US Dollar Chart

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